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Newedgetech NE6151 as certified by WPC Qi, version 1.2.3 EPP (15W) receiver, on 2018/2/7.
iDesyn Announces iD8730,4.5V~20V, 1Mhz, 2A, SOT-23-6, Synchronous step-down DC/DC converter.
Diodes and Weltrend Announce Industry-First Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 Compliant 27W Reference Design
Excelitas CaliPile Multi-Function Infrared Sensor Wins Gold in 2017 ECN IMPACT Award
Epson has introduced a new 16-bit microcontroller that combines low-power and liquid crystal drive technology
Weltrend Launches WT8911 Smart Camera Processor for ADAS Application
RFIC Technology Product Release—1.8~2.7GHz High Power Amplifier AP3013F
Surface Mount 905 nm Pulsed Semiconductor 1x4 Laser Array for High Volume Applications
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