Basic guarantee
  - Holidays on Saturday & Sunday.
- Humanized management, flexible working hours.
- Labor insurance, health insurance, and group insurance.
- New Labor Pension System.
Add and assist
  - Vehicles & Gas coupon allowance
- Free Parking Space.
- Cell phone allowance.
- Notebook allowance.
- Wedding, funeral, birth, education benefits.
- PDA allowance.
Welfare measure
  - 14 month annual income; wages based on performance.
- Three major holidays bonus.
- Birthday gift coupon & Cash & birthday party.
- Stocks & Bonus Incentive.
- Quarterly Reward based on profits.
- Convey greetings for injury, illness and emergencies.
- Domestic and overseas tours and household communication activities.
- Annual health examination.
- Lottery at the year-end dinner party.
The staff train and grow up
  - Grant for advanced language studies.
- Staff associations (including golf/swimming/yoga...)