Epson has introduced a new 16-bit microcontroller that combines low-power and liquid crystal drive technology

The new 16-bit microcontrollers S1C17M33, which incorporates a built-in flash memory, is suitable for use in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on home remote control panels. Epson also plans to mass production of the series of four other microcontrollers, including S1C17M30, S1C17M31, S1C17M32 and S1C17M34.


Epson's newest microcontroller, the S1C17M33, has a built-in expandable Universal Multiplexer (UPMUX) feature that allows users to assign input / output (I / O) functions via software, or to reconfigure the LCD port For general purpose input / output (GPIO). The basic application of this technology, such as driving up to 368 points of the LCD, can also use the reconfiguration of I / O, the microcontroller to 65 GPIO. The variable configuration function allows the user to easily embed the microcontroller into different specifications of the product, effectively improve the user's product development efficiency. The S1C17M33 offers a wide range of combinations of options, from commercial operating panels to 5 V (volts) to battery-powered home remote control panels, and the S1C17M33 supports a wide range of product applications.



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Vendor: Seiko Epson Corporation