RFIC Technology Product Release—1.8~2.7GHz High Power Amplifier AP3013F

The AP3013F is a three-stage power amplifier MMIC (Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit) manufactured by InGaP/GaAs HBT process. The device is intended for use for LTE Femtocell and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) applications. On chip input match and interstage match provide the ease of use, while an off chip output match provides the users great flexibility to optimize the performance at LTE bands 1,2,3,4,7,10,28,40,and 41 respectively. It’s excellent performance, small size and low cost make this device an ideal PA solution for LTE/WCDMA small cell infrastructure systems.


The AP3013F is provided in a 4x4 mm, 16 pin QFN (Quad Flat No-leads) package.


Major Applications:
•W-CDMA Indoor Repeater 
•W-CDMA Band I/II/IV/VII/X Femtocell 
• LTE Band I/II/IV/VII/Χ Femtocell 
• ISM Band Outdoor Repeater 
• IEEE 802.11b/g/n high power AP

Key Features:
• Broadband Design:  1.9GHz~2.7GHz 
• High Power and High Gain for Band 1/2//4/10 
  Power Gain = 33dB 
  Linear Power = 25dBm, -50 dBc ACPR @ ±5 MHz 
• High Power and High Gain for Band 7 
  Power Gain = 30dB 
  Linear Power = 24dBm , -47 dBcACPR @ ±5 MHz 
• High Efficiency PAE: >11% @ 25dBm 
• Multi-Carrier Capability for Repeater Application
• Compact Package: QFN-16pin,  4x4 (mm)


More information please contact Mr. Brian Huang at Seraphim, the Taiwan distributor of RFIC, Tel: 02-6615-8281 ext. 257 or email to brianhuang@seraphim.com.tw

Vendor: RFIC Technology Corporation