Color Sensors IC
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在 color sensor 的許多應用中, sensor 後端仍須做數位處理或傳輸 ,  MAZeT 提供一系列 IC 供客戶選擇 , 包括SMD type 或 客製化包裝或 dice 或 整個應用模組電路  !

For a variety of applications where sensor signals need to be directly coupled, processed or transmitted (current, voltage), MAZeT provides sensor ICs.

They are available in a standard SMD package, in customized alternative versions, unpackaged for volume-saving applications, mounted on-chip or as add-on (on board) modules.

For applications involving greater speed and placing more stringent demand on accuracy, MAZeT provides ASICs and boards to reprocess, evaluate and transmit higher-frequency count pulses.

·        high resolution

·        extremely noise-proof

·        modularly extendible

·        combination of absolute and incremental mode

·        individually selectable / programmable

·        custom-adaptable

·        including demo software and drivers


The MTI devices are a family of integrated circuits of programmable gain transimpedance amplifiers with 4 or 8 channels per IC. The MTI devices are mainly used for signal conditioning of sensors with current outputs. They are especially suitable for connecting photodiodes with array and row sensors.


The MCDC04 is a low-noise sensor signal conditioner (ASSP) and suitable for coupling multi-channel optical sensors or sensors using current output. It converts input currents of photodiodes (both polarities) to a digital output and realizes a continuous or triggered measurement via current integration. It features a 16 bit resolution, a dynamic range of 1 to 1,000,000 and sensitivity of 20fA/LSB.


The MDDC04 is a 4-channel resistive transimpedance amplifier.  Every channel is addressable and programmable in 16 levels - 0,2 to 102,4MΩ, 11,7nA to 12μA, dynamic range 30 dB, resolution A/D conversion internally 12 bit at a conversion time of 1 μs per channel, serial digital output via SPI, very low power consumption and temperature compensation on chip


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