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Description of Products

The JENCOLOR color sensors detect and measure the color properties of surface colors or active light sources. High quality interference filters which are directly mounted onto the photodiodes (on chip) ensure stable optical parameters (CIE1931 or spectral analysis). They are long-term stable, enable high light yields and are resistant against environmental influences such as temperature or aging drift effects. Various applications are possible for example in automation, lighting, metrology and more.

1) Color Sensors

RGB Sensors (MRGBiCS and MRGBiCT)

RGB Sensors are Blue-Enhanced Si-Pin-Diodes with a red-green-blue filter on chip for a fast color detection.

True Color Sensors (MTCSiCF, MTCSiCS and MTCSiCT)

The True Color sensors with XYZ-filter are based on CIE1931 and DIN 5033 (human eye perception). They are suitable for applications where accurate color measurement of emitting, remitting or transmitting sources is required. Examples are: LED testing, monitor calibration, feedback control, or applications where compact and cost-efficient modules are used for color measurement.  Various packaging options are available.

Multi-spectral Color Sensors (MMCS6CS)

The MMCS6 color sensor is based on the compact and cost-efficient JENCOLOR semiconductor sensors. The sensor simulates 7 spectral values of the visual range (380-780nm) for spectral analysis and color measurements. The evaluation of a color takes place on the radio metric level and not the colorimetric level. The advantage is that a higher information density can be gathered for color measurement purposes. The measurements are based on spectral approximation.

2) JENCOLOR Evaluation Kits


With the MTCS-INT-AB4 MAZeT offers an improved OEM True Color Sensor Board based on the JENCOLOR filter technology (DIN5033/CIE1931) with a digital I²C output. It combines the MTCSiCF sensor technology with the MCDC04 analog-to-digital conversion. The Sensor Board is ideal for flexible applications like automation, LED lighting applications or even for low-energy applications such as dimming and fluorescence.


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