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Honeywell is an experienced strategic semiconductor manufacturer with ISO9001 and ISO14001 supplier certifications and in house manufacturing. These products are developed and manufactured in accordance to Six Sigma methodologies. We build all Honeywell products with our Total Quality Management (TQM) commitment, which means we do more than just supply products for your needs — we understand customer needs and aim to exceed expectations. Plus, all our products are backed by Honeywell, recognized as a global leader in sensor manufacturing, technology and quality.

Honeywell Aerospace :

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Honeywell 針對不同的產品有不同的應用,請參考以下原廠相關的連結:

磁性感應器 Magnetics sensor ---    
醫療產品 Medical--
交通運輸 Transportation---
工業產品 Industrial ---
測量測試 Test and Measurement--



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Honeywell's DRM4000 慣性導航推移模組