國家 : France

1937年創建於法國的Citel(西岱爾)公司,是全球知名的電湧保護器設計和生產廠商,1944年,推出氣體放電管,1976年,全面介入防雷及電湧保護領域,目前有5家子公司和100餘家經銷商服務於全球50多個國家。 西岱爾公司為通信、電力、工業、石油、交通、建築、新能源發電等領域的電湧保護提供一流的產品與服務。 我們的目標是提供不斷創新的防雷及電湧保護產品及解決方案,在確保效率和最大可靠性的前提下,為用戶提供更安全、更高效的系統應用。

Founded in 1937, CITEL is an industrial group that engineers, manufactures and sells protection solutions for electrical, networks, telephone (digital & analog) and mobile equipment against electrical transients. These solutions are issued from continuous efforts in research & development, on the component level (such as Gas Discharge Tube), but also on all surge protection ranges to be ahead of our customers needs. CITEL is a worldwide leader in the surge protection market. CITEL has manufacturing facilities in France and in China and has sales office located in France, Germany, USA, China and Eastern Europe.

Historical Dates :
1937 - CITEL founded
1944 - Manufacture of the first "Surge Arrester"
1985 - Citel America founded in Miami
1988 - Citel Electronics GmbH founded in Düsseldorf
1992 - Acquisition of the CLAUDE gas tube line from GTE Sylvania
1996 - Citel Shanghaï Electronics founded
2000 - New technologie for AC Surge protectors (VG series)
2007 - AC surge protectors become the best-selling range
2010 - Citel Russia founded in Moscow
2012 - Citel India fouded in New Delhi    

CITEL manufactures a complete range of lightning surge protectors for AC power, telephone, data, photovoltaic, CCTV and RF coaxial lines. CITEL surge suppressors have been especially designed to provide an effective solution to Broadband Wireless, Telecom, Automation Control Instrumentation, panels and Security Market industries.

CITEL surge protection devices are ideal to protect PBXs, Telecom equipment, Radio Base Stations, GPS, Wireless systems and cellular sites against lightning surges and electrical transients. They are also ideal to protect PLCs, MUXs, HUBs, RTUs, SCADA, THCs and Telemetry systems against power surges.

Citel propose also a new series of surge protection for PV (Photovoltaic systems) 500 V, 800 V, 1000Vdc Type 1 and 2.

Most of CITEL lightning protections use a state of the art heavy-duty multistage design that combines fast response time diodes and a high power handling capability surge arrestors gas discharge tubes (GDT). They contribute to expand equipment life span and eliminate costly downtimes. CITEL surge suppressors automatically reset after each surge and are maintenance free. Under the most severe conditions, the surge protector will fail short leaving your equipment fully protected.

CITEL is a worldwide leader manufacturer of surge arrester gas tubes and provides a complete line of gas discharge tube components from 75V to 2500V available for surface mount and through hole mounting, with or without leads.

Most of CITEL surge suppressors have been approved by all major international organizations like UL, CE, VDE, and private corporations like ALCATEL.

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